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Here’s my snapshot of the best of 2011. I had a list of 10 things and was going to dedicate a day to each, researching, remembering, etc., but fuck it. I’ve only got a day, so here the 10 best things ever forever of 2011 (or ever, who cares).

The best font is Dala Floda Black.
The best typeface is Nitti.
The best foundry is Colophon.
The best motion anything is Prologue’s end credits for X-Men: First Class.
The best mobile app is The 2010 Brand New Awards iPad app.
The best desktop app (forever and ever) is Divvy.
The best logo is Comedy Central (it’s technically a 2011 release, right?)
The best website is Emil Olsson’s masterpiece.
The best comic-related thing is Kate Beaton’s Hark! A Vagrant (in book form[at]).
The best music (always) is anything released by Ghostly.
The best blog is Perfectionalism.

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